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Client programs to use ILDG services.

ILDG Portal - Web Portal
Web portal provides a web interface for users to search, browser and download ensembles and configurations. Beginners can use a web-style input form to enter query criteria while advanced users can use XPath script to search. The ILDG Portal can be accessed from here.
ILDG browser - Java GUI
The ILDG Browser GUI is written in Java so it is platform-independent. It is a tool that is installed into the user's machine and used to query MDS. The latest version (1.6) of this GUI program can be downloaded from here.
ILDG Client - Command-line interface
The latest version (1.3) of its RPM package can be downloaded from here:
LDG users may use 'lrpm -U ildg-client.rpm ildg-client-default.rpm' to update their copy.
ILDG Faceted Navigation - Web search interface
The ILDG Faceted Navigation allows you to browse QCDml ensemble XML stored in ILDG. A number of facets and available values, along with their number of occurrences, are listed in the left pane. All that you need to do is just clicking on an interesting value. It also allows you to take a look at ensemble XML and list of LFNs. The ILDG Faceted Navigation can be accessed from here.
Metadata Capture for LQCD (demonstrator)